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Donnerstag, Juli 04, 2013

A Square called T

Recently many humans on the globe discovered a new sport. Since there has not been a name for it, i call it squaring. Basically it is about standing, dancing, talking, shouting sometimes even singing on a square in one of the big towns around the planet. Usually the sport has two teams, sometimes more teams competing. Both teams try to be the dominating voice on that square. Since the sport does not have a fixed set of rules, the teams differ in their tactics and equipment when it comes to the contact. So let me introduce some of the teams for you.

National Team of Bharain during an event at their first match at Pearl Square, 2011.

US East Coast Team "Occupy Wallstreet" meeting up in New York, at the Brooklyn Bridge, 2011.

Lybian Team chanting at Bhengasi Square, 2011.

The Team from Chile looking for a square in 2011.

One of the Top-Teams in this sports, egypt Team at Tahrir Square in 2011.

Here is the european Top-Team from spain, in 2011

An English Team from London, Dezember 2010. They are said to be the founder of squaring.

Colombian Team + Cheerleaders, 2011.

Syrian Team, shortly after the police shot dozens to death, because they didn't understand squaring as a game, but a protest against freedom, peace and human rights, 2011.

Israeli national team from 2011.

Tunisian Team from 2011.

The Team from the ivory coast, 2011. 

Zocalo Square, Mexico City, 2011.

Team Russia in Winter 2011.

Gani Fawehinmi freedom square is the home of the nigerian team, 2011. 

Team from Yemen gearing up, 2011.

The greece team looking for breakfast, 2012.

Chinese Team suspected of doping, 2012.

Picture of Team India warmup session, 2012  

Hongkong in 2012.

Turkish-Armenian Best of Team from 2012.

Tibetan underdogs on fire, during a Squaring-Event in New Dehli, 2012.

Turkish Team gasing up, 2013

Last, but not least. The famous leader of the worldwide famous former chinese team, at the Tiananmen Square. 

Please, be very carefull with fire.

The pictures belong to mankind and may only be used for good purposes! Stay safe.

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